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The European Adult Immunisation Hub is led by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK). It has been made possible by financial support from Pfizer.

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A database of immunisation providers is available for the countries listed below. Please follow the link to be directed to the database:

France; Germany; Portugal; Spain; The Netherlands; UK.

Latest Posts

New research ‘An Economic Analysis of Flu Vaccination’ paints a picture of lives saved and costs averted, but more needs to be done to increase uptake.

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ILC-UK have published the slides from their recent event on “Immunisation in a digital world”

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Research published by the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco argues that Pharmacists could play a useful role in increasing uptake of adult vaccination.

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Recent Posts

From big data to blockchain, and gamification to AI and robotics, can technology help increase uptake of adult immunisations?

ILC-UK have today published a think piece which explores how technology is beginning to influence the delivery and uptake of adult vaccination.

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The new infographic from Pfizer explains how vaccines can help people live healthier, more productive

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The most important achievements in public health occurred during the last century. Together with clean water, sanitation and the use of antibiotics, vaccines are an essential part of these achievements.

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