Archive: January 2020

The Royal Society of Medicine are hosting a conference entitled “Spotlight on falling vaccination rates” on Thursday, 20 February 2020.

The conference will bring together a range of industry experts to share knowledge and perspectives on the issue of falling vaccination rates and will seek to facilitate better understanding as to why vaccination rates are declining. The conference will also examine the extent to which various factors, such as delivery problems, misinformation and vaccine hesitancy have impacted on falling vaccine rates. The conference will provide practical takeaways on what  can be done to address falling vaccination rates,

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Following on from The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) meeting on “Fighting the flu targeted awareness” in Berlin, IFA have launched a new video produced by eHealth Digital Media and IFPMA. Outlining the importance of influenza vaccination, the video is presented by Dr Bram Palache, who makes the case for influenza vaccination by highlighting the seriousness of influenza and pointing out that there are simple and effective vaccines available.

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