Consensus Statement: Adult Vaccination as a Critical Element to Healthy Ageing for Adults with Diabetes

A group of global experts in longevity and diabetes, including IfA and ILC, have signed a consensus statement outlining that vaccination is a critical element of public health strategy to improve and maintain the health and function of older people with diabetes.

Key barriers to improving uptake rates in this at-risk population are lack of awareness and misinformation surrounding the importance and availability of vaccines to adults with diabetes. As such, cross-sectoral collaboration is critical in raising vaccination on the agenda of diabetes organisations, in the form of joint campaigns, statements and conferences.

Adding evidence-based information on the importance of vaccines for people with diabetes to diabetes self-management programs, diabetes management guidelines (i.e. European Diabetes Working Party for Older People) and diabetes conferences has the potential to play an important role in increasing the uptake rate of vaccination for people with diabetes.

Using their collective capabilities and resources, this consensus statement represents delegates’ joint commitment to support cross-sectoral organisations to advocate and mobilise knowledge to their members on the importance of vaccination for adults with diabetes.

Read the full consensus statement here.