ILC-UK Director, David Sinclair, outlines challenges of adult immunisation

David Sinclair, Director of the International Longevity Centre – UK illustrated the challenges adult immunisation poses to policy makers and health practitioners.

Figure 1 (top left) exhibits the current problem: up-take varies by country, with the influenza vaccination rate differing by more than 70% between different European states.

Figure 2 (top right) considers one of the causes for such disparities, namely the variability of guidelines and access to information between European states. For example, the age at which the seasonal influenza vaccine is recommended in Austria is 50, whilst it is 65 in bordering Italy.

Finally, figure 3 (bottom left) poses the question, ‘How can the consumer be confident of the science of immunisation, if policy makers can’t agree on recommendations?’.

To help address some of these issues, David directed delegates of the IFA’s Immunisation Champions Summit to the SAATI (Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation) report, which can be read in full here.