ILC-UK launch Prevention in an ageing world programme to promote preventative interventions right across the life course

Across the globe, societies are getting older. People are living longer. And there is a growing shift towards encouraging longer working lives.

As countries age, it will be important to support people to live healthier lives for longer. By doing so we can not only improve wellbeing and enable people to remain active, but can also reduce dependency, bringing down the burdens on health systems.

There is already a consensus that preventing disease and limiting long-term impairment and the compounding impact of multiple diseases are both good for our health and will play an important role in supporting the economic sustainability of health systems. But translating that consensus into sustained action can be challenging.

To explore the role of prevention in an ageing world, ILC-UK is launching an international programme of work to:

  • Influence and shape the discourse around prevention to promote preventative measures across the life course.
  • Examine the health and economic burden of a number of communicable and non-communicable diseases, in which there is potential for preventative interventions right across the life course.
  • Focus on countries in the high and high-middle sociodemographic index in order to understand the potential for action.
  • Draw together examples of effective preventative interventions and activities among adults in mid and later life and evidence the value of a range of primary, secondary and tertiary preventative interventions

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