International Federation of Ageing publish European Adult Immunisation Advocacy Summit report

Between the 4th – 6th November 2015, the International Federation on Ageing assembled a range of medical practitioners, policy officers and industry representatives to discuss how best to promote vaccine uptake across Europe.

Through discussing the barriers to vaccine uptake and communications strategies, delegates agreed:

  • To work towards gaining parliamentary action for vaccination and to advocate for the creation of a European Union Joint Action on Vaccination.
  • For NGOs in EU and non-EU countries in collaboration with the IFA to facilitate a webinar to better understand actions that could contribute to national strategies.
  • To determine critical gaps in research pertaining to national recommendations, data coverage, the effects of infectious diseases for older adults and the benefits of vaccination to be determined.
  • Delegates were keenly interested in understanding how existing data could be used to respond to specific questions about the lack of and impact of education to the general public and also health care professionals.
  • To explore the development of a knowledge platform that could store the most up-to-date information and key messages on adult vaccinations, as well as experts and influencers in the field.

To read the summit report in full, please click here.