Moving the Needle - Promoting vaccination uptake across the life course

A recent report by the Royal Society for Public Health, supported by MSD, investigating attitudes to vaccinations in childhood, working-age adulthood and later life, finds that key barriers to vaccination uptake across the life course are access and attitudes to vaccination. In order to promote vaccine uptake, policymakers should do more to tackle negative misconceptions of vaccinations and improve access to vaccines.  Key recommendations of the report “Moving the Needle” include:

• Health misinformation campaigns on social media should be limited and counteracted
• The press should be taken to account regarding their responsibility to share factual information about vaccines
• Education on vaccines in schools should be increased and improved, especially in the PSHE curriculum
• Vaccinations should be offered in a more diverse range of locations, including high street pop-ups, utilising the wider public health workforce
• Health professionals should use the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) approach to ensure vaccine advice is delivered across the health system
• Reminder services should be improved by using innovative methods such as social media pop-ups

Read the full report here.