"Nothing prepared me for this" Welsh rugby player, Gareth Thomas, on Pneumonia

The Belfast Telegraph report on the experience of Former Welsh Rugby player, Gareth Thomas, who found himself with Pneumonia.

In the article, Gareth Thomas is attributed as saying “In the early hours of the morning, I went downstairs because I couldn’t sleep and was in so much pain I was convinced I’d broken a rib through coughing so much. It was just like the pain I’d experienced after a tackle if I’d suffered a cracked or broken rib. Finally, I just broke down and sobbed because I was so exhausted, in agonising pain and unable to sit or lie down, and so tired of being ill,”

The article highlights the importance of adult vaccination as a preventative tool against pneumonia.

The Belfast Telegraph report that Gareth Thomas is supporting the pneumonia awareness campaign, Expect the Unexpected.