PPV coverage in England continues to rise

Public Health England’s PPV coverage report for April 2015 to March 2016 finds current coverage at 70.1%, up 0.3% from 2015, rising to 82.1% for those aged 75 and older.

A pneumococcal immunisation programme for older people was introduced in the UK in August 2003. In the first year of the programme, all people aged 80 years or above were offered a single dose of PPV and in April 2004, this was extended to include all people aged 75 years and over. Since April 2005 all people aged 65 years and over have been offered the vaccine.

As with the shingles vaccine, Cheshire, Warrington and the Wirral reported the highest overall coverage rate of those aged 65 and older, at 73.4%. In contrast, London reported the lowest overall coverage rate of 65.3%.

Coverage data also indicates that many of those eligible for PPV vaccination do not receive the vaccine in the first year that they become eligible but in the subsequent years, with additional uptake gradually decreasing with age. Increasing vaccine coverage in the older age groups demonstrates that vaccination continues to be offered opportunistically in primary care to those aged over 65 years.

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