Uber's Health service offers free on-demand flu vaccinations and wellness packages

On Tuesday, 25th October the ride-hailing company Uber offered free, on-demand flu vaccination in more than 35 US cities, accompanied with care packages including a water bottle, tissues, hand sanitiser, a totebag and a lollipop.

The UberHealth service launched in 2014, and allows users to request a registered nurse visit them wherever they are to administer the vaccination. The service usually costs 10 USD, and nurses can immunise up to 10 people per visit. However, between 11:00 to 15:00 on 25th October 2016, the service was offered for free.

Dr John Brownstein, Uber’s health adviser wrote:

‘When you get a flu shot, you’re not just keeping yourself healthy. You’re helping everyone around you stay healthy, too.

Every year, the flu affects 20% of the population–but it doesn’t have to. Every person who receives a flu shot reduces the risk of others getting the flu by 50-60%. We can all fight this thing together’.

Please click here to read more about the UberHealth service.