Australia's 'No jab No Play' policy boosts vaccination rates

Immunisation rates for a range of vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) in the Australian state of Victoria has increased following the introduction of a number of mandatory measures.

Since 1st January 2016, children who are not up to date with a full course of immunisations against 16 VPDs have been unable to enrol in childcare centres and kindergartens, and their families have not been eligible for subsidised childcare and family tax benefit.

As a consequence, immunisation rates amongst two year olds in the Australian state of Victoria have increased from 87.9% at the start of 2015, to 90.5% at the end of 2015.

With the apparent success of the controversial ‘No jab, no pay’ policies, could mandatory measures targeting adults in European be as effective? Share your thoughts by emailing the International Longevity Centre – UK at

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