Adult Vaccination: A Public Health Priority

The Adult Vaccination: A Public Health Priority meeting stimulated prompt discussion among twentynine experts in these fields, many of whom are working with or for at-risk older people and their families.

The objectives were to gain an improved understanding of the:

  • Imperatives of improving rates of adult vaccination in the context of a rapidly ageing global population
  • Unique challenges experienced by older people with complex chronic comorbidities, especially in the face of increased risk from VPDs
  • Role of public health agencies in increasing uptake rates of adult vaccination among vulnerable groups
  • Examples of good practice on vaccine availability, funding and coverage rates
  • ¬†Intersections between vaccination, ageing and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and improving adult vaccination rates
  • Emerging patterns and trends in the story around the poor uptake rates of adult vaccination in Europe and
  • Realistic steps going forward to continue the dialogue toward changing the adult vaccination

The final meeting report includes summaries of the discussions on uptake, the role of health care professionals, monitoring and case studies of good practice in adult vaccination.

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