UK launches consultation to improve flu vaccine uptake

NICE, the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has published a guideline scope for its consultation on increasing flu vaccination uptake rates.

The consultation is open to all registered stakeholders, and organisations can apply for stakeholder status on the consultation webpage.

The final consultation report will  be published in January 2018, and will examine the effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of a range of measures to increase flu vaccine uptake rates.

The measures under consideration range from expanding targeted advertising campaigns, to establishing dedicated flu vaccination clinics; community based walk-in clinics operating evenings and weekends; and 24 hour clinic access.

Section 1.3.4 also notes that the consultation will examine the effectiveness of vaccine declination forms for health and social workers who refuse to be immunised against the flu.

To read the full guideline scope, and to register as a stakeholder to inform the consultation, visit the NICE consultation webpage.