France enters a year of national debate on compulsory vaccination

French Health Minister Marisol Touraine has announced a range of new measures designed to increase public confidence in immunisation, amidst a year long debate over the future of compulsory vaccination.

Le Monde reports that :

‘The great ‘citizen dialogue’ will be organized in three stages under the auspices of Professor Alain Fischer, a specialist in pediatric immunology. A web platform will be open in March to collect contributions. In May, three juries will analyze these proposals. Finally, in December, a steering committee will formulate its conclusions’.

Marisol Touraine also announced that an ‘electronic vaccination record’ would be created, to monitor and record the individual vaccination status of all patients. He also announced the establishment of a stakeholder committee to ‘facilitate mutual understanding of the v arious players and public decision making in immunisation’.

To read more about the draft of measures proposed by Marisol Touraine, and about France’s ‘Great citizen dialogue’, please click here to access a French language article published in Le Monde.