Open Public Consultation on “Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases”

The European Commission has issued an “Open Public Consultation on “Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases””

The Commission say:

“Vaccine preventable diseases are major health scourges. Due to their cross-border nature and the challenges to national vaccination programmes, there is need for common EU action and more coordinated approaches to limit the spread of epidemics and cross border diseases. There is clear added-value to strengthen cooperation among all relevant actors at EU level, including health authorities, vacine industry, research and innovation, healthcare sector and others.

In mid-2018, the European Commission will adopt a proposal for a Council Recommendation on Strengthened Cooperation against Vaccine Preventable Diseases. The objective of this public consultation is to collect the views and input of citizens, administrations, associations and other relevant organisations to feed into the process of drafting a proposal for the Council Recommendation.”