New report: The role of adult vaccination as part of healthy ageing

Prevention & Healthy Ageing: The role of adult vaccination as part of healthy ageing

How best can societies respond to the threat of pneumococcal diseases such as meningitis, bacteraemia and pneumonia in the context of rapidly ageing populations and demographic change?

This new report, published by Pfizer considers how removing barriers to adult vaccination could address this major public health issue.

After outlining the value of adult immunisation and the nature of the challenge posed by widespread pneumococcal infection, the report identifies a variety of  barriers preventing individuals from protecting themselves against one of the most common vaccine-preventable diseases in adults.

The report notes that barriers to adult immunisation include:

  • Available public health information on vaccine preventable diseases
  • Adult disease and vaccine surveillance
  • Medical/scientific recommendation
  • Government support for adult preventing and vaccines
  • Reimbursement of vaccines
  • Adult vaccine administration settings/schedules
  • Healthcare provider awareness of vaccine benefits and willingness to vaccinate
  • Patient awareness and willingness to pay

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