New report urges vaccine uptake to prevent the rise of antimicrobial resistance

A new report by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), supported by an educational grant from Pfizer, provides an introduction to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the threat it poses to modern medicine.

‘When the drugs won’t work: Antimicrobial resistance and the future of medicine’ outlines what governments, medical professionals and individuals can do to help medicine being ‘plunged back into the dark ages’.

The report is an information resources containing infographics, quotes and key facts and statistics about AMR. The report also collates the recommendations that have been made in relation to immunisation as a means of reducing our dependency on antibiotics.

Report author Dave EatonPolicy and Public Affairs Manager, ILC-UK said:

‘We know that the rise of antimicrobial resistance could lead to up to 10 million deaths a year worldwide by 2050. However, it’s not just Governments and medical professionals who have a role to play in preventing the spread of AMR.

Each and every one of us can help reduce the risk of infection through good hygiene, like proper handwashing technique; through completing all courses of antibiotics and not requesting them for things like colds or sore throats; and through checking to see which vaccines we are eligible for, and keeping an up-to date vaccination record’.

Click here to download the report.